Evolves Tech Hypes Up SolChicks

As one of the primary NFT-driven play-to-earn (“P2E”) gaming platforms based on the Solana blockchain, SolChicks has joined the smartest scenario imaginable into a solitary integrated metaverse where you can genuinely claim one of a kind in-game resources as NFTs and make, posses and collaborate with them inside the metaverse. Promising top notch visuals, novel and definite in-game frameworks plan, and being executed by a crew of professionalists, the undertaking required explicit component blockchain marketing support. Evolves Tech has naturally helped SolChicks with working on a highly secure technical solution to make its blockchain environment more accessible for all crypto users.

SolChicks is a multiplayer NFT game ecosystem coordinated with exceptional P2E components. Players can possess and exchange their NFT resources (e.g., characters, weapons, hardware) and fully get into a mystical dreamland fastidiously created. SolChicks presents interesting methods that blockchain innovation brings. As a matter of a game, SolChicks is centered around joining individuals together in a pleasant gaming experience through blockchain development and mix.


SolChicks, promising the whole package of visuals, in-game frameworks plan, blockchain development, delivered by a crew of professionalists, required explicit component blockchain marketing support. Despite all of its surpluses, it had to bring its communities in social media to a higher level; attract a number of new participants; overall make its blockchain environment more accessible for all crypto users.


Evolves’ team by being aware of the components of SolChicks gave a general showcasing methodology for marketing. Working with the SolChicks crew, Evolves Tech helped the project to be more transparent with customers; facilitated direct relationships with communities; increased brand awareness and popularized the idea of the project among the crypto community; boosted marketing ROI.


Because of Evolves Tech, SolChicks’ platform opened up to essentially greater social groups of participants. Taking into account all of the blockchain development methods, a huge increase in numbers was shown: explosive social media growth with Twitter followers increasing from 26K to 150K (+580%), Telegram followers from 13K to 125K (+960%), and Discord followers from 66K to 110K (+67%); over 50K new players and participants; nearly 65K transactions processed in a second; record number of private investors, with 328 private investors, including well-known VC’s such as Blocore, AirAngels, GoldenTree, GD10, MetaVest Capital, Spartan Group, and Master Ventures; major gaming guilds such as Yield Guild Games; key opinion leaders such as Crypto Banter and CryptoBirb; and a number of high profiled angels.


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