Evolves Tech: Marketing Plan Delivered to Path of Survival

To enter another strategic world for the all-in players out there, the crew of Path of Survival chose to plunge into powerful technology, shattered reality and NFTs, so they can facilitate the adoption of crypto by the traditional gaming communities. Path of Survival was presented, showing as extremely successful without help from anywhere else, yet the project actually needed explicit component support. Evolves Tech has organically assisted the unleashed gaming beast with making its environment distinguishable and its stage noticeable to the public.

Path of Survival is an RPG Play-To-Earn (P2E) game, featuring real-time turn-based strategic combat. The game includes both PVP and PVE, enabling players to upgrade their characters, farm hard and soft currency as well as itemized NFTs in the form of weaponry, armory, jewelry and more. The game provides grounds for differentiation in a ladder-based competitive environment. The crew of Path of Survival introduced an off-chain mechanism for the majority of the game’s content, allowing players to enjoy the game without the need to pay gas fees or even without a wallet. Almost all game items are tradeable both off-chain on the in-game marketplace and mintable on the blockchain. The goal here is for players to be able to better understand the application of digital assets and blockchain technology through game participation.


When Path of Survival was introduced it appeared as incredibly promising without assistance from elsewhere, yet the venture really required unequivocal marketing support. The crew decided it had to be made open to a gathering of audience all over. The project needed a well built, unconventional, unprecedented marketing strategy.


By this point, the Evolves’ team had adjusted to the elements of Path of Survival by providing an overall marketing strategy. Working closely with the game crew, Evolves Tech helped Path of Survival in accomplishing the challenges of introducing a new project into the world of blockchain and, thus, developing its environment to make its stage more noticeable. Evolves’ advisory role helped in creating the Early-survivor pass and brought to attention USPs and value propositions. Likewise Evolves made it possible and catered for the community building, the PR, the awareness campaign, the gleam giveaway.


On account of this task, the Path of Survival stage opened up to a significantly more extensive gathering of participants. Considering the fact that it was done generally from the get-go in the reception of blockchain innovation, significant examples were shown. Increase from 6K monthly new users to 68K; increase from 4K Twitter followers to 11K; increase from 300 Discord members to 4.7K. The awareness campaign result was $0.36 CPC with a well-targeted audience, all of which have now at least 50 transactions on the metamask wallet they provided in the giveaway.


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